S/S '21 Warrior Queens - The Story Behind The Collection

The idea behind this collection came from an awareness in recent years, of there being a split in society. There were two definite sides, and they were at war. Both sides believing they were on the side of right and good, suddenly everyone felt strongly enough about their side, that they were prepared to march, or to lobby, or to openly discuss politics at home and socially, and argue passionately with friends and strangers.

I particularly focused on the idea of fighting for what you believe is morally right, good against evil if you will. So I started to be drawn to paintings of Knights and female warriors. I also looked at paintings of Joan of Arc and the Knights of the Crusades. The gold and silver sequinned tops are based on chain mail. Chain mail is an ancient armour worn in battle, made of small metal loops, linked together. The chiffon full sleeved top is based on the loose tops worn by knights under their armour. I liked the soft and delicate nature of the Chiffon and the Georgette tops and skirts. They represent a delicateness, and a purity of ideals and ideas. The wearer was willing to go into battle for these ideals. Afterwards, the damaged clothing is worn proudly as evidence of that fight. The asymmetric skirt, perhaps torn in battle too.

I also looked at ancient paintings where gold was only ever used for the most holy and good. Gold and silver can also signify royalty. I love how colour can have spiritual meaning. In ancient art these gold and silver clothes then, would signify that the wearer is on the side of light, love and good and the final ascension into glory after all our battles are won and love has finally prevailed. Warrior queens, if you will. I feel the gold and silver trousers perfectly represent a Queen too.